Technology On The Move

At Kwik Cabs we believe that customer’s safety, comfort and well being are paramount to the success of the company. With this in mind we invested in the Mercury Taxi Booking and Dispatch System 7 years ago.

Each of our drivers is issued with their own personal PDA which enables easy, reliable dispatch of all bookings. All information required to complete the job is at the touch of a button for the driver.

The system we use operates 24/7 vehicle tracking and monitoring which enable the controller complete access to the driver and passengers live location.

Our sophisticated system enables us to:

Despatch vehicles in the most efficient manner based on their current location.

Offers driver/customer safety through the discreet messaging system.

Use route configuration capability in case change of destination.

Offer the highest level of passenger security & peace of mind.

Track each and every vehicle’s journey every mile of the way.

Handle all bookings in real time.

Market Harborough’s leading technological Taxi Company.

Always putting the customer’s safety first.

Download our new app, book, track and rate your taxi, pay online in advance if you wish. The whole new taxi experience designed for easy use.

Download our free app
Download our free app